The APRU MetaGame Conference is supported by Cyberport as a side event of the Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum (DELF).


While the pandemic has presented challenges to the gaming and esports industry, the global lockdowns and the new normal have also brought growth opportunities and have taken the industry to the next level with online gameplay and competitions taking centre stage. With the theme of “New Normal of Digital Entertainment: From Gamification to Esportification,” DELF 2020 will lead the industry to identify market drivers and new monetisation models, decode the value chain of this booming sector, as well as tap the global trend of esportification to effectively cope with the new normal.

For the first time, DELF 2020 will bring together the physical and virtual worlds of digital entertainment and esports with a hybrid setting that allows industry players and enthusiasts alike to join us both in person and virtually at any time, from anywhere. More than just industry insights, DELF will also stage a series of live tournaments, show matches, performances, game experiences, start-up showcases and power pitches to offer participants a total experience - from the online platform to the physical festival!

DE*Spark will return to present a month-long digital entertainment extravaganza with an array of mind-blowing esports tournaments and gaming events. Join us in person or virtually from anywhere in the world to explore the new normal of esports!

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