APRU Metagame Conference 

December 12, 2020, 9 AM-12:30 PM Hong Kong/Singapore

December 11, 2020, 5 PM-8:30 PM Los Angeles/Vancouver

About the Conference

The APRU MetaGame Conference seeks to incorporate the full ecosystem of Esports, from gamers to industry partners, to government to students – we are seeking to expand the purview of Esports. The inaugural MetaGame Conference will focus on Hong Kong as an emerging Esports leader in the region and examines the ways that an international network of Esports leaders can further its scope within universities from Esports as digital entertainment to developing career pathways for students in the Esports ecosystem. 


The APRU Esports Metagame Conference will take place within a broader convening titled the Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum hosted at Cyberport in Hong Kong. The APRU Esports Metagame conference includes three components:


  • Gaming – A competition be held that can be opened to local students along with invited teams from APRU’s UEII Consortium.

  • Policy Discussions – Inviting both local and international Esports scholars with policy makers to discuss the evolution of Hong Kong Esports' policy landscape.

  • Next Generation Learning – Inviting both local and international Esports scholars to discuss relevant learning topics of Esports, such as engineering, education, youth development, etc.

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